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  • Crafoam and Artview are both brands of Heaplake company

    Crafoam and Artview are both brands of Heaplake company.Crafoam is specialied in EVA foam and handcraft products.Artview is specialized in paiting materials.

  • 132nd online Canton Fair will open in October

    The official website of China Import and Export Fair released on September 15, 2022 about the 132nd online Canton Fair will be opened on October 15, 2022.Changsha Heaplake Enterprises(here in after referred to as our company) will participate by posting an online video on web or tiktalk or other soc

  • Changsha Heaplake Enterprises

    CRAFOAM is the Chinese top leading manufacturer & exporter of EVA Foam, Artist Brush, Felt, Craft Paper, Paper Foam Board etc., which are widely used for craftwork, decoration, wrapping, stationery, school and kindergarten usage, arts and crafts, etc. Our products conform to SGS , EN 71 and RoHS st


  • How shall we guarantee the quality of Painting material ?

    1.HEAPLAKE has a professional purchasing and QC team in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu where is near our factories of Painting material, about an hour’s drive. 
    2.Our inspector will go to the factory to inspect the goods randomly every week.
    3. Every order is inspected before shipment to ensure that the goods are of the same quality as we agreed with the customer.
    4.Our factories are very professional, the core of workers have more than 10 years of experiences, and factories also have quality department to do twice inspections before packing.
  • How shall we guarantee the quality of EVA FOAM ?

    1.HEAPLAKE has a professional team which specialize in EVA Foam developing, find a best way to foaming Bright Colors, Soft touching, Smooth Surface EVA FOAM for clients. And control the Rejection rate in Foaming Process .
    2. Automatic cutting machine , which is operating by the most experienced Technical staff. To ensure the thickness can meet customer's requests.
    3. Tow steps Quality checking , One step is after cutting process , to pick up the defective sheets . The second step is during packing process , to do a double check , make sure no defective sheets are left .
    CRAFOAM is a company who's willing to supply high and stable quality products to our customers , and growing together with them . We are focusing on long time business.

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